What is a Mercedes B Service and What Does It Include?

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Everything You Need to Know About a Mercedes B Service

Any Mercedes driver knows that the German luxury automotive brand produces top-notch vehicles designed to go the distance. However, as with every vehicle, Mercedes cars need to be properly maintained to optimally work. This is why a Mercedes B Service is so important for the health of your car.

But what exactly is a Mercedes B Service and what does it cover? The automotive repair experts at European Autotech in San Ramon, California, are here to explain.

What is a Mercedes B Service?

The first required service for your Mercedes vehicle is a Mercedes A Service, which is due around one year, or 10,000 miles, after your purchase. If your Mercedes is a 2009 model or newer, it should also undergo a Mercedes B Service around one year after its first A Service appointment. The B Service will fall around two years, or 20,000 miles, after you’ve purchased the Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

These service appointments are essential to keep your Mercedes-Benz running stronger for longer. To ensure the long term performance of your vehicle, you’ll want to continue rotating between these appointments every 20,000 miles going forward.

What Does a Mercedes B Service Include?

A Mercedes B Service is a comprehensive servicing of your vehicle and will include:

Brakes and Tires Check

  • Brake pad inspection
  • Check the condition of front and rear brake discs
  • Tire condition and any damage
  • Proper tire inflation
  • Proper tread depth

Visual Underbody Check

  • Leakage check
  • Checking the condition of the rubber boots and front axle ball joints
  • Inspection of boots and steering mechanical parts

General Check

  • Combination and cabin dust filter replacements
  • Windshield wipers
  • All vehicle lights, including warning, interior, and indicator lights
  • Seat belt checks
  • Reset Flexible Service System counter

Engine Check

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Battery condition
  • Checking all fluid levels and corrections dependent on factory-recommended service intervals for the model and year of your car

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If your Mercedes-Benz car needs a Mercedes B Service appointment, contact the auto repair experts at European Autotech in San Ramon, California, now. We specialize in imported vehicles and offer fast and reliable services. Call us now at 925-820-6460 to schedule your Mercedes B Service appointment.

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