What Can I Expect from my BMW Service Inspection I and II?

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BMW Service Inspections I and II are maintenance inspections performed at regular intervals to help keep your BMW running optimally and prevent costly repairs. Expert auto technicians at European Auto, located in San Ramon, California, provide both types of inspections to keep your BMW in great shape!

BMW Service Guidelines

The age of your BMW determines how often and what type of service inspection should be done. General guidelines are based upon the year your BMW was built:

Before 1991 – every 15,000 miles for Inspection I and 30,000 miles for Inspection II

1992 – 1998 – every 20,000 miles for Inspection I and 40,000 miles for Inspection II

1999 – present – every 30,000 miles for Inspection I and every 60,000 miles for Inspection II

What is included with a Service I Inspection?

Services provided may vary slightly by mechanic. Generally, listed below are many of the services provided:

  • Oil Change
  • BMW Oxygen Sensor Replacement
  • Engine Oil and filter – changed
  • Visual checks for leaks (with the transmission system, rear axle, power steering system, fuel tank), and for loose lines and connections.
  • Exhaust system – visual checks for the condition, position and mounting of the exhaust system
  • Tire – pressure, positioning, wear
  • Brakes – removal and installation of the front and rear disk brake pads, greasing of the wheel centering hubs, visual check of the brake and clutch system connections and parking brake
  • Battery – a load test is performed and electrolyte levels are checked

Engine Compartment

  • Diagnostic system test – to make sure the computer system is working properly
  • Checks are done to the engine cooling system, heaters, hoses, coolant levels, antifreeze, washer fluid, and A/C system

Body / Electrical Equipment

Visual checks are done to make sure all lights, door locks, SRS airbags, battery power, dashboard lights, safety belts, rear-view mirrors and door hinges are working properly

Test drive

A road test drive is the last part of the inspection and the handling, suspension, steering, and braking systems are checked.

What is Included with a Service II Inspection?

A Service II inspection includes everything in a Service I inspection plus additional services, such as a differential oil change, new spark plugs, and fuel and air filter replacements, among other services.

Exceptional BMW Service

BMW Service Inspections I and II are timed to help you keep your BMW running well. European Autotech, an AAA approved repair facility, uses the latest diagnostic equipment, offers a 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty and can provide expert service for your BMW. Conveniently located at 31 Beta Court, Suite J in San Ramon, California, it is easy to make an appointment by phone or through their online scheduling system.

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