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Our shop is full of European auto service experts. There’s no better shop in this area for your Audi, BMW, Porsche, MINI, or Mercedes. If you’re used to next level driving experiences, you should get used to next level auto service as well. Your vehicle deserves special attention from our qualified technicians. No one goes to the foot doctor for an ear infection, even though they’re both doctors. Same thing goes for top quality services for your European import. The specialists at European Autotech may not be doctors, but we diagnose, service, and repair with precision. You can count on us to cure whatever problem you’re having with your vehicle’s performance. The secret to keeping you on the road is a preventative maintenance service plan. Since we know your import better than most, we know how to get the best performance out of its systems–engine, mechanical, and electrical.

Repair & Maintenance Service You Can Trust

We have you covered for every possible vehicle malfunction. Our team specializes in top-notch engine performance that keeps you ready for the highway and the race track. Every auto service starts with a conversation. Let us know what you’ve been experiencing and what your expectations are out of your vehicle. We’ll share our knowledge and experience to make sure you’re aware of the best practices for maintaining your vehicle. The next part–an accurate diagnostic service–is the most important step. This is where a lot of auto services go wrong. They trust a misdiagnosis and end up receiving unnecessary services. We know how time-consuming and expensive this can be. Let us save you time and money with our exceptional diagnoses and repair services. As soon and you notice a performance issue, bring your vehicle to our shop. You can trust us for any engine repairs, transmission services, brake repairs, A/C Service, exhaust system repairs, and much more!

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Our team is anxiously waiting to share our expertise with you. Imagine your vehicle performing at its best for as long as you need to drive it. Now, let us help you make it a reality! All we need is your trust and your vehicle. Consistent services from our expert will make sure you get the greatest return on your investment in quality road travel. Greater performance, increased comfort, and reliability are what our customers have come to expect from their vehicles. Give us a call today at 925-820-6460 to schedule an auto service appointment. Next time you’re in the area–31 Beta Court, Suite J–stop by with any questions or concerns that you may have. We can go ahead and schedule you for a service appointment right then and there. Also feel free to use our convenient online scheduling system.