Saab Repair and Service

While Saab is currently not producing any new models (though this is expected to change in 2014), if you own one, you know that it’s designed for safety, from the ignition mounted on the floor to avoid kneecap injuries to the driver in a collision, to the Älgtest (elk test, since elk are a common cause of accidents in Sweden) the company performed on each model for safety analysis before bringing it to market.

This level of certainty about Saab engineering is shown throughout the brand’s model line. The 2002 models introduced the active head restraint system, and a system called ReAxs, which gave steering feedback to enhance the ability to maneuver stably on curves. That floor ignition mentioned already also had a bar that locked over it once the car doors were locked, a feature that made the cars very difficult to steal. The direct ignition the manufacturer introduced in 1985 eliminated the need for wires to the spark plug and distribution, which simplified the engine mechanics.

All of these innovations, among many others, mean that service to a Saab is a unique challenge due to the non-industry-standard inclusions made by the Swedish auto maker. When you fix yours, you’ll want to know that your mechanic understands all of the unusual features of your Saab to ensure that it’s done right.

At European Autotech, located in San Ramon, you’ll find ASE-certified technicians who know the Saab models inside and out, and can repair them with both experience and expertise, which ensures that your Saab keeps you safe on the road for a very long time.