How to Keep Your Volkswagen Going

What You Should Do

Volkswagen vehicles are high-performance machines that require consistent upkeep for them to perform at their best. But outside of regularly scheduled services with an auto shop or dealership, there are other ways for owners to preserve the quality and longevity of their Volkswagen. Before your next drive, make sure you perform these simple maintenance tasks to ensure your Volkswagen is ready for the road ahead!

Check the Oil

Just like any vehicle that operates on gasoline, Volkswagen vehicles require regularly scheduled oil changes to perform at their best. But along with oil changes, it’s important for owners to also check the oil. This ensures your vehicle is still using the best motor oil, instead of old oil that could potentially hurt the engine.

When checking the oil, you want it to have a clear, amber appearance and a smooth, slimy texture. If you see that the motor oil has taken on a dark, gritty look and feel, that means your Volkswagen vehicle will likely need an oil change.

Inspect the Tires

When checking the tires on your Volkswagen vehicle, you want to ensure there is still proper tread and proper tire PSI. Simply inspect the tire and feel the tread. If the tread of the tire feels smooth or you’re having a hard time controlling the vehicle in wet or icy conditions, that’s your sign for new tires!

When checking the tire PSI, you first want to check the owner’s manual to understand what the proper PSI level is for your vehicle. With that information in hand, check and see if the current PSI is within that range. Driving with low tire PSI is bad as it requires your vehicle to work harder to move, which can reduce fuel efficiency. The same can be said for tires with high tire PSI, as the tire becomes more susceptible to bursting, especially at higher speeds and hotter temperatures.

Schedule Routine Maintenance Services

Although performing actions such as checking the motor oil and inspecting the tires will help you understand your Volkswagen’s condition, nothing helps more than having your vehicle go through a routine maintenance service. This allows our technicians, who have a comprehensive understanding of the brand and their requirements, to monitor your vehicle’s variety of parts and systems and catch any issues before they become problems. If your Volkswagen vehicle is in need of its next auto care service, make sure you schedule it with European Autotech!

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