Fun Facts About Volkswagen

What You May Not Know!

Since being established in 1937, Volkswagen has provided people across the world with quality, affordable vehicle options. From the iconic Beetle to the classic Golf, hundreds of people love the brand and the automobiles they produce. But with that said, many people may not know much about the brand itself. If this is you, or if you’re looking to learn more about them, European Autotech is here to help. Here are a couple of fun facts about Volkswagen that you may not have known!

”People’s Car”

When Volkswagen was founded in 1937, the manufacturer’s wanted to provide Germans with an affordable option for vehicles. Most people couldn’t afford anything more than a motorcycle, and the brand wanted to tap into a new market. With this mindset in mind, they named the brand Volkswagen, which translated in English to “People’s Car.”

Top Car Model

When most people hear about Volkswagen, many of them jump to the thought of the Beetle, and for an understandable reason. The Beetle was one of the most significant automobiles of the twentieth century due to its performance and classic design. But did you know that the Beetle isn’t the most popular model? That distinction belongs to the Golf! The vehicle was officially on the market in 1997 with only left-hand models. The right-hand models followed in 1979 and, only two years later, the number of units sold had almost tripled!

Popular Design

From 1961 (when they first came out) until now, the Beetle has gone through a variety of design changes. From the classic design to the new, sleek look, the Beetle’s design has evolved with the times. But even today, the most popular Beetle design is the white #53 car, which is an homage to the Herbie Disney movies! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t worry. There are six movies about the vehicle that can get you up to speed!

Model Names

Did you know that many of the popular VW vehicle names come from oceanic currents and prevailing winds? The Golf is named after the Gulf Stream (Atlantic Ocean current), Passat is the German term for “trade winds,” and the Jetta is named from the jetstreams found throughout the Earth!

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