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Did You Know?

Land Rover has a unique, interesting history that dates back to 1948, when brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks built the first Rover, after Jeep’s 4×4. The Rover has made history many times due to its ability to traverse and navigate all types of terrain. It was the first vehicle to successfully travel from England to Singapore, and from Alaska to Argentina (traversing the continental divide). No matter what type of conditions your Land Rover vehicle has driven in the expert technicians at European Autotech, in San Ramon, California, can provide exceptional service to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

Land Rover Craftsmanship: Extraordinary Off-Road Performance and Ultimate Luxury

Land Rover vehicles have a phenomenal reputation and are differentiated from other vehicles for many reasons, especially because they are able to traverse all types of conditions (from sand to muddy, water-logged, rutted ground, to icy and snowy conditions) and also offer a stellar level of luxury. The first Rover was a utilitarian vehicle but it has evolved into many Range Rover models, all featuring innovative technology, optimal safety settings, and incredible comfort.

Did You Know?

  • Originally, the Rover was affectionately referred to as “Huey” and was registered as a static power source (to avoid taxes).
  • The Rover offered unique features, such as thicker aluminum panels, a removable rear tub, and a galvanized chassis. (The chassis is dipped in molten, protective zinc coating to hold off corrosion.)
  • The steering wheel was originally in the center
  • Land Rover was the first to offer a family-style crossover SUV
  • It was the first Monster truck
  • The 1966 Range Rover may be the only vehicle to go directly from prototype to production with no changes to its lines.
  • The second Range Rover had six wheels
  • In the late 1950s, a customer requested that tank tracks be installed on the Rover instead of wheels, which became a factory option

Safety and Service

Range Rover SUVs are innovative, rugged and luxurious with safety being a top priority. Terrain Response technology (which continuously monitors conditions and automatically optimizes vehicle settings) is included with all models to help increase safety. The auto experts at European Autotech, conveniently located at 31 Beta Court, Suite J, in San Ramon, California, are an AAA approved repair facility, offer a 24-month/ 24,000 mile warranty, and use the latest diagnostic equipment and parts to service and fix your Range Rover. Making an appointment is easy – just call or go to their online scheduling system. Expert auto professionals can help keep your Land Rover SUV in great condition so you are ready for your next adventure!

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