BMW Repair and Service

Since you’re the owner of a BMW, there’s no question you want the best for your vehicle. The moment your vehicle starts to experience any inconsistencies, give European Autotech a call. Our team of automotive professionals have years of experience working with all BMW models. Whether you require a BMW repair or type of preventative maintenance, you can rely on European Autotech to take care of all your BMW needs.

Since 1984 we’ve been doing repairs on all types of vehicles. We have experience in repairing sports cars, luxury vehicles and everyday vehicles. The great thing about BMW is that they’re a little bit of all these. The BMW make combines class, reliability and luxury, and we have skills necessary to maintain all of these aspects.

If you live in San Ramon or surrounding areas and require BMW repair, let European Autotech be your first choice. We provide cost-effective and guaranteed solutions and our amount of experience with BMWs trumps our competitors’. In addition to providing excellent BMW reparation work, we also provide exceptional customer service. Ask any of our current customers. They’ll tell you that the boys at European Autotech are as personal as they are professional.