What Are Inspection I and Inspection II Services?

The Reason BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine

Inspection I and II

BMW has been calling itself the Ultimate Driving Machine for decades. The reason it’s been able to maintain that nickname is because of BMW’s commitment to the highest safety and performance standards. Timely auto maintenance services and inspections are the key to keeping any vehicle in optimal condition. BMW engineers have designed inspection schedules titled Inspection I and Inspection II for all of its later models.

What Happens During Inspection I?

Inspection I will focus on vital components of your BMW to ensure quality performance. There are a variety of parts for which BMW requires a qualified mechanic, like the ones at Premier1 Auto Care, to inspect for safety and performance. These components will fall into three parts of the vehicle: the undercarriage, the engine, and the electrical components.

An undercarriage inspection will include a quality oil change, brake check, tire pressure check, exhaust system check, and a check for fluid leaks. In the engine, a technician should be checking the fluid levels during an Inspection I. This includes checking coolant, oil, washer fluid, and brake fluid. The final step for the engine would be a diagnostic check for any computer system errors.

The electrical components will handle all of the lights, door locks, battery power, airbags, and other electrical components to ensure they are functioning properly. This is a sample check of all the electrical functions like seatbelts, rearview mirrors, and door hinges.

What Happens During Inspection II?

Inspection II is considered the larger of two inspection services. It will include all of the same inspection services of Inspection I, but it will include several other system inspections that are due to be checked or changed. These additional services will include a differential oil change, spark plug changes, fuel filter replacements, and air filter replacements.

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