BMW Inspection 2 For San Ramon, CA Bimmer Owners

European Autotech has provided the San Ramon community with quality Bimmer and German car care since 1984. We provide BMW Inspection 2 and 1. Your inspections ensure that your BMW continues to run at peak performance and minimizes the risk of costly repairs and maintenance. In fact, staying on top of your factory inspection schedule will extend the life of your BMW and can save you up to 8x the lifetime service expenses!

Is It Time For Your Inspection 2?

If you aren’t sure if it’s time for your next BMW Inspection 2, take a look at the suggested mileage schedule below. Your schedule may vary slightly depending on your driving habits and frequency of your Inspection 1 service schedule.

1991 & Earlier: every 30,000 miles.

1992 to 1998 and the 1999 E36: every 40,000 miles.

1999 to 2017: every 60,000 miles, every 40,000 for the 1999 E36.

What Is Included In Your BMW Inspection 2?

Our ASE certified technicians are trained in BMW-specific service protocols, and we have the factory-direct Bimmer computer diagnostics required to diagnose and proactively service your vehicle. During your BMW Inspection 2, we will perform the Inspection 1 checklist, test, and inspection—with a bit more depth. This inspection is less a check, and more preventative maintenance is included. This includes:

  • Flushing and changing your hydraulic fluids.

  • Changing spark plugs.

  • Change fuel filter

  • Replace the thermostat

  • Service your fuel injectors

  • Flush and recharge AC system

And all BMW Inspection 1 Tests And Checks!

  • Expert diagnostic scan performed with BMW-specific scanner.

  • Oil change and oil filter change.

  • Inspect all hoses, lines, tanks, and connections in the power steering, axle, and transmission.

  • Inspect the thickness of your brake pads; clean and lubricate contact points.

  • Top off antifreeze, coolant, brake, clutch, and windshield washer fluid.

  • Inspect and test battery.

  • Inspect tire tread, rotate, realign, and measure tire pressure.

  • Inspect spare tire.

  • Check heating, AC, and window defoggers.

  • Make sure all interior, exterior, and dashboard lighting are working.

  • Inspect rear view and side view mirrors.

  • Lubricate, test, and inspect all closures—doors, hood, trunk, and latches.

  • And more!

We finish things off with a quick road test to ensure that your BMW drives like it’s brand new!

Full Service BMW Repair Shop

European Autotech believes in the importance of proactive vehicle maintenance included in your Inspection 1 and 2. These inspections are the best way to minimize the risk of major repairs, but sometimes the need for repair will arise. We are here anytime you need your BMW or imported German vehicle repaired. Call or stop by our San Ramon auto shop anytime Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.