BMW Inspection 1 For San Ramon, CA Bimmer Owners

The team at European Autotech specializes in the unique service and maintenance needs required to keep your BMW running at peak performance. Set aside everything you know about standard automotive care because your Bimmer is a work of art that has an inspection schedule all its own. Our ASE certified technicians specialize in German makes and models, and we have the factory direct BMW-specific diagnostic tools and training required to get the job done. Since 1984, we have been the preferred automotive shop for San Ramon’s European imports.

Is It Time For Your Next Inspection 1?

The make, model, and factory year of your BMW will determine the frequency of your Inspection 1 schedules. As a general rule:

1991 & Earlier: every 15,000 miles.

1992 to 1998 and the 1999 E36: every 20,000 miles.

1999 to 2017: every 30,000 miles, every 20,000 for the 1999 E36.

What’s Included In Your BMW Inspection 1?

Here is what will be inspected to determine if any maintenance and repairs are required:

Undercarriage And Under The Hood

  • Run factory direct BMW diagnostics to identify any service or repair needs.

  • Change the oil, check and change the oil filter.

  • Ensure the engine temperature is correct.

  • Inspect all engine hoses, lines, tanks, and connections to identify leaks in the power steering, rear axle, and transmission.

  • Inspect the exhaust system to ensure efficiency and performance.

  • Inspect brake pads, calipers, and clean all contact points.

  • Inspect parking brake cables for position and range of motion.

  • Inspect the brake lines and clutch cylinder and system for signs of leak or damage.

  • Inspect, correct, and top off all fluids: antifreeze, coolant, brake fluid, clutch fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

  • Inspect and test battery, and measure electrolyte levels.

  • Inspect engine heating and cooling system.

  • Inspect air condition refrigerant.

Wheels, Tires, And Alignment

  • Inspect tire tread.

  • Inspect and rotate and realign if needed.

  • Measure tire pressure.

  • Check spare tire to ensure it is sound.

Exterior And Interior

  • Test and inspect all interior and exterior lighting.

  • Inspect dashboard and interior lighting.

  • Test and inspect airbags and safety belts.

  • Check heating, cooling, and window defoggers.

  • Inspect rear view and side mirrors.

  • Test and inspect wipers and washer system.

  • Test, inspect, and lubricate doors, latches, hood, and trunk.

Road Test

A quick road test will ensure all performed service and repairs do more than just pass visual and diagnostics, but that your BMW is running at peak performance.

If it is time for your BMW Inspection 1 or 2, reach out to the team at European Autotech today. In addition to your scheduled inspections, we provide all major repairs for Bimmers and all German imported vehicles.