Audi Auto Maintenance

Tips to Take Care of your German Vehicle

As true car people, we understand your devotion to your vehicle. Audi owners know pride as well as any other German import owner and they also know that preventative maintenance is essential to protect their luxury investment. Iconic silver rings are evidence of premier engineering and automotive excellence. European Autotech values the time and effort put into creating your vehicle and mirrors the same dedication in our Audi maintenance services.

Audi Recommended Maintenance Intervals

When Audi manufacturers their vehicles, they do so with an ideal maintenance schedule in mind that the vehicle should follow. Keeping up with the recommended maintenance intervals protects the vehicle’s engine and performance, ensuring the vehicle continues to provide a thrilling and luxurious driving experience. When you reach these milestones in your Audi, it’s time for routine service at European Autotech! Our expert mechanics make sure your German vehicle stays in top condition.

10,000 Miles: Oil Change & Multi-Point Inspection

Audi recommends a detailed inspection of the vehicle’s crucial components to ensure each part is performing optimally. Multi-point inspections include fluid checks, visual inspection of belts and hoses, tires, suspension and steering, transmission and brakes.

30,000 Miles: Brake Fluid Change

When an Audi reaches its first 30,000 miles, and at every 20,000 miles to follow, a brake fluid change is recommended. Brake fluid is essential to proper brake function and must be clean with no contaminants or grime to perform optimally.

40,000 Miles: Replace Filters & Spark Plugs

After 40,000 miles in your Audi vehicle, maintenance recommendations may vary. Audi guidelines typically suggest replacing air filters, fuel filters and spark plugs.

Precision German Import Service

Not all vehicles are made the same. German-engineered Audis require special knowledge for maintenance services and repairs. That’s why Audi owners need a specialized auto shop to turn to for all of their automotive needs. European Autotech in San Ramon, CA understands the value of your Audi. An expert team and advanced equipment make all the difference during your vehicle’s routine service. Visit us for your next maintenance appointment to take care of service properly!

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