5 Interesting Facts About Volkswagen

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If you own a Volkswagen, there’s a reason why you chose it over other options, whether due to its reliable quality or inexpensive price. Chances are, it wasn’t because of any of these reasons! These fun facts about the auto manufacturer will have you looking at your car in a new light.

1. It All Started With the Beetle

In the 1930s, Hitler supposedly requested the making of a small car that would be affordable and dependable for the working citizen. The famous inventor Ferdinand Porsche created a prototype named Volkswagen (“the people’s car” in German) Type 1, which you know as the Beetle or Bug. It quickly became a bestseller, as well a trend in world records. The current record for most people that can fit inside (and on the roof, apparently) is 57.

2. Nature Serves as Inspiration

The Beetle isn’t the only model that has a name from nature. Volkswagen likes to use the terms for prevailing winds and oceanic currents, such as:

  • Golf (gulf)
  • Jetta (jet stream)
  • Passat (trade wind)
  • Scirocco (hot, dusty wind from North Africa)
  • Vento (wind)

3. The Logo Has Stayed Consistent

Since its conception, the logo has remained pretty much the same. The first design had spokes coming out of the circle around the monogram. In 1960, a square was added outside the circle. Later designs have enhanced the coloring of the logo for a sleek, modern look.

4. Success Is Worldwide

Volkswagen has factories in 119 countries around the world. However, they don’t all produce the same cars. The VW Group includes the automotive brands Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche and even Ducati motorcycles. On October 27, 2008, VW climbed to the top of the list of most valuable companies in the world for one day.

5. It Hurt Its Reputation With the Emissions Scandal

VW installed a device in diesel models that would make them pass U.S. emissions tests by cheating. The device was also in vehicles that went to other parts of the world. When the world found out, VW’s reputation was greatly hurt.

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